Jon Davies is an artist who spends far too much timethinking about videogames, dinosaurs and animated movies. Primarily agames designer and pixel artist/animator by trade, he also dabbles in digital paints and 3D modelling, both as a profession and as a hobby.

Being an avid gamer, there is a lot of Japanese culture that makes its way into his work, from the beautiful backgrounds and movements of Studio Ghibli films, to the colourful and bizarre designs of the Pokémon universe. There are plenty of influences from western society too; paleoart from artists such as Charles Knight and John Sibbick, as well as artists working on Lucasarts videogames, whose brilliant landscapes and camera angles created worlds just begging to be explored. Animations from the Golden era of Walt Disney, Don Bluthetc, which were not afraid to delve into the dark and foreboding asthey were into the friendly and whimsical, also had a great influence on his work.

Other things that fascinate him are dioramas, plasticine models (andanimation), and exploring new cities on foot.   

Jon Davies has over 11 years of experience in making graphics for games, including pixel art, 3D animations and digital paintings for promotional material.

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